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День рождения

День рождения

iLocked is the most popular network of quests in St. Petersburg and other Russian cities. Now you can find it in the center of Tallinn!

Quests are an immersion in a mysterious and exotic world of entertainments in Tallinn. iLocked is the best guide to the backstage of exciting stories with puzzles, special effects and hi fi technological puzzles. 

Every quest is a faithful recreation of an iconic movie or book, or just a product of unrestrained imagination scripted by some of the best writers in St. Petersburg. Their driving force is to deliver atmosphere that every participant wants to feel as accurately as possible.


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*Important information about booking

Pay attention: in case of three times not answering to a phone call your booking will be canceled.

Please be there 15 minutes before the game starts. If you late, the time can be removed from the playing time.

A booking for games after midnight will only be made upfront.
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